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The CAM program is designed to train students to objectively assess the safety and efficacy of various complementary and alternative medicine modalities and introduce scientific rigor into understanding the mechanistic basis for CAM therapies such as acupuncture, massage, herbs and supplements, and mind-body interactions.

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Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences (IMHS)

The Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) program has been renamed Master of Science in Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences (IMHS) in 2021. The new name is now the one listed on ApplyYourself.

The name Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences reflects the curriculum’s focus on integrating complementary medical practices and the modern scientific advances in biomedicine. The program emphasizes rigorous scientific, evidence-based thinking in examining the practices and therapies pertaining to human body functioning, disease processes, pharmacological mechanisms, biochemical pathways at the cellular and molecular levels, and psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrine interactions. The goals of this program is to help students understand and appreciate the principles and philosophies of globally diverse medical systems, to provide skills and foundational knowledge to critically evaluate the various modalities, and to prepare them for advanced education toward careers in clinical care, research, administration or regulatory affairs and policy related to complementary and integrative medicine.

Application to the Master of Science program is now found under Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences in ApplyYourself. Contact the (new window) if you need clarifications or have questions about the application process.

As a truly unique graduate degree program, the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Program (CAM) works with students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare but also eager to learn an exceptional skill set combining science, CAM, and evidence. These are the three fundamental pillars of the program. Our students strive to explore the science-based evidence of the most used complementary and integrative medicine modalities used in the United States.

The demand for well-informed and properly trained health care providers and scientists was triggered by the intense consumer-driven interest in CAM, and the increasing clinical integration of various CAM modalities. The CAM Program is the only one in the nation that offers such an innovative approach to studying CAM, which places Georgetown University at the forefront of graduate education in this field.


Stephanie Zapata

“Through my graduate studies at Georgetown, I am interested in gaining more in-depth learning about these evidence-based approaches so that I may add to the research literature and consciously serve mental health patients in the future.”

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