Welcome to the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Program (CAM Program) Website at Georgetown University! As a truly unique graduate degree program, we work with students who are interested in pursuing careers in healthcare but also eager to learn an exceptional skill set combining science, CAM, and evidence. These are the three fundamental pillars of the program. Our students strive to explore the science-based evidence of the most used complementary and integrative medicine modalities used in the United States.

The demand for well-informed and properly trained health care providers and scientists was triggered by the intense consumer-driven interest in CAM, and the increasing clinical integration of various CAM modalities. The CAM Program is the only one in the nation that offers such an innovative approach to studying CAM, which places Georgetown University at the forefront of graduate education in this field.


To educate open-minded health care providers and scientists eager to explore the state of the evidence in areas of complementary and integrative medicine with objectivity and rigor.


Our goal is to train students who will enter careers in the private and public sectors related to CAM research, education, and integrative healthcare, and provide them with a rigorous educational program that incorporates a firm foundation in biomedical science, exposure to CAM disciplines, and competence in assessment of evidence.