Career Outlook

Highlights of the CAM Program

Demographics: The program attracts an ethnically diverse group of excellent students from outstanding academic institutions across the nation. International enrollment has included students and two practicing clinicians from the American University of Beirut, University of Tokyo, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Korea, China, Yemen, Turkey, Ghana, Vietnam, and India. 

Career Placements: The program's graduates have pursued a variety of careers. While a majority of our graduates traditionally enter medical school, others have gone on to pursue careers in dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, acupuncture. A number of students enrolled in our MS/MD program at Georgetown University School of Medicine, and others are pursuing doctoral training in biomedical research to obtain a PhD.  Other areas of interests for our graduates have included law school and public policy. 

With 65% of our graduates in medical schools (following the two years after graduation), our program's post-graduation placement rate is exceptionally high. Graduates who have directly entered the workforce are now working for federal agencies (NIH,EPA, the National Archives), industry (Eli Lilly, Proctor and Gamble, contract research organizations), non-profit organizations (Physicians for a National Health Program, Amnesty International), academic institutions, and some are teaching. 

The graduates are considered uniquely qualified for CAM-related positions and have continuously secured fellowships at NCI's Office of Complementary and Alternative Medicine since 2005. Others are currently employed at the Samueli Institute. 

Highlights: Student accomplishments include a number of papers published in the medical literature and/or presented at scientific conferences and CAM-related initiatives in their medical schools. Others have joined The American Medical Student Associations and taken on leadership roles in incorporating and implementing educational CAM programs and initiatives.

CAM Alumni (2004-2015): Where are they now?

The pie chart includes information from the alumni who responded to surveys in the summer 2012 and summer 2015. This includes 234 out of 282 alumni (83% response rate).
In addition, the surveys showed that 156 alumni applied to medical school during or within three years after graduation. From those, 151 attended medical school: 109 alumni attended MD programs and 42 attended DO programs. 

Updated October 2016